The leather tanning training approaches its final steps!

The young group of trainees, which have recently graduated from secondary school and are looking for future careers, have been exposed to a very intensive 3-weeks routine necessary to transform skins into leather without machineries. Hot sun, dust and a great deal of physical work have not lowered the spirits of the group who is now demanding to learn the next steps, the production of handicrafts.
The training was designed to teach how every step can be performed equally by women and men, without electricity, and with limited amounts of tools and water.
The tools are all very simple and were locally sourced, so is the tanning agent, naturally found in the bark of black wattle (Acacia mearnsii) grown in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.
Our trainers, Engineer Issa Mwangosi from the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology, Mwanza campus, and Gabriel Mollel, a well-known Maasai designer who was born in one of the target villages, have teamed up to share a very broad, complementary and inspiring working experience.
Coming next? The creative bit: belts, bags and sandals, watch this space!