Institutional Capacity Building


The capacity of local institutions to cope with the effects of climate change needs support. The Districts’ Teams of Meru and Arusha have not yet included Climate Change issues in their policies and development plans, moreover they lack the resources to include these aspects within the day-to-day work. In particular the Districts’ Teams requested assistance in measuring the vulnerability and the risks and in designing strategic territorial planning, and in setting aside the financial and technical capacities to respond to emergent needs.


Local government capacity to cope with CC will be increased with:
Field training of District technical staff and information sharing;
• Training on monitoring of CC hazards and installation of two meteorological stations;
Revision of Village Land Use Plans to integrate climate-related issues;
Establish a District Climate Change Unit.

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Knowledge Raising

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Project timeline
1st year
Rangelands baseline and water storage increased capacity.
Assess the ground conditions and construct/rehabilitate the water infrastructures, understand the ecological and socio-economic scenario and design appropriate trainings to be delivered afterwards.
2nd year
Establish a women cooperative for dry meat and leather production.
Delivery of trainings to 500 women and young pastoralists, establishment of a cooperative for slaughtering, meat preservation leather tanning technique, small scale farming of drought resistant cereals.
3rd year
Establish a Climate Centre of Knowledge and improve awareness.
Set up a Climate Change of knowledge to centralise information at the headquarters at the Arusha campus of the NM-AIST University, enhance awareness and communication on the subject.
4th year
Set up a functional Climate Change Unit and capacitate staff at Arusha and Meru Districts.
Establish a CC Unit, deliver trainings to the Districts’ technical staff, deliver trainings on monitoring of Climate Change hazards, revise village land use plans to include CC.