Rehabilitation of dams: the works have started!

As part of the first project’s strategy that includes the increased capacity of existing water storage systems, on the 14th of March 2016 we have started the rehabilitation works on two earth dams. The works are expected to be concluded in a few weeks, weather permitting as we are approaching the rainy season.
Both dams are located in the village of Engutukoit and both are remains of old water reservoirs built under the colonial administration to serve people and cattle. After decades of neglect, the dams are today silted and their banks are damaged.

At the completion of the works, the ‘Esilalei’ dam will serve at least 30 boma with thousands of heads of livestock.

‘Engutukoit’ dam catches water from a large stream and showed great potential to return to be a large water utility for people, cattle and visiting wildlife.

The rehabilitation includes several steps:

  • Detailed topographic analyses;
  • Clearing of the sites. The local communities have taken on board in full this step and are removing the vegetation;
  • Excavation to remove silt accumulated throughout the years and compaction/impermeabilisation of the terrain;
  • Construction of siltation ponds;
  • Reconstruction of the banks;
  • Construction of a spill-over and cattle trough.